Ambassanador Princess Ai

Princess Ai, Ambassador for Taiwan gay parade in 2021.

The voice is gentle and powerful, enchanting and dynamic, and the wildness exudes a mysterious atmosphere. Princess Ai from the Paiwan tribe of Pingtung is descended from the nobles of the Chong tribe in Chunri Township, and thus has the nickname "Princess".

Princess Ai has expressed her friendliness for gays many times and has supported the legalization of same-sex marriage; in 2020, Princess Ai will cooperate with many artists in the rainbow charity song "We are, We can be" to welcome Taiwan Pride and celebrate the first anniversary of the same marriage; more Formed the "APlusLove Rainbow Team" at the "APlusLoveMusicFestival" and appeared in the 18th Taiwan Pride Parade.

As long as you pick up the microphone, you have power!

The video will be open on the day of the event!

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Purpose and Introduction

We have all heard of "gay-friendly", "gender-friendly", "○○-friendly", etc. But what exactly is friendly? "I have many gay friends, but..." Is it friendly?

Believe you and I know that it’s just a starting point for “false friendliness”. In 2016, we talked about “breaking false friendliness”, and then “you and I can support yourself”; True friendliness is not a distinction-some people may ask whether "gender-friendly toilets" and "gay-friendly shops" are a form of segregated equality. This must be a big misunderstanding of the term "friendliness".

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Official Events


Sound of the Tree Hole

favoriteMission name: Sound of the Tree Hole

favoriteTask time: From now until 10/29 (Fri.) 23:59

favoriteTask method:Tell your story, mood, and even secrets in the three tree holes: "Talk to tree hole only", "Answer from the tree hole", "I want to tell everyone"! Let your inner words be confided!

favoriteTree hole type:

1."Talk to tree hole only": Contact tree hole through the form, you can talk to tree hole what you want to say, We will not reply to you, and the content will not be made public!

2."Answer from the tree hole": contact the tree hole through the form, and we will reply you directly after reading somethings you want to share!

3."I want to tell everyone": What you want to say will be published in the form of a post in the official IG of the "Sound of the Tree Hole" of "Day and daily"!

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Draw your rainbow

favoriteActivity time: Now the parade!

favoriteActivity method:

1.Use IG to share the current scenery in front of you in the online parade, and draw the elements of the rainbow in it.

2.Remember to mark @daily_life_748, and HASHTAG "#畫出你的彩虹一同參加同遊".

3.After completing the above procedures, you will receive the mysterious gift!

ps.If the IG account is undisclosed, you can take a screenshot and send it to the Taiwan gay parade IG @daily_life_748to get a mysterious gift!


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